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Buyer Services  
         General Buyer Information 
               Registered User Information 
               Search Completed / Current Auctions 
               Automatic Category Listings Retrieval 
               View / Enter Profile on Users 
               Contact User Information 
               Edit / Update Info Like Email, etc. 
        Buyers Management 
              Wish / Want List Forum 
              Personal Shopper 

Seller Services 
         General Seller Information 
               Seller Activation & Access 
               Registered User Information 
         Item Management 
               Add Item 
               Add Live Auction 
               Add Item to Auction Room 
               Current Auctions 
               Close an Auction Early 
               Auction Results 
               Add to Item Description 
               Change Item Category 
               Retrieve Your Listings Summary 
               Relist Item 
         Account Information 
               Account Balances & Status 
               Reinstate Your Account 
               Make Payment Online 

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         New Auctions 
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         Search Completed Auctions 
         All Categories 
  Registered User Services 
       General Information 
               Resend Registration Informations 
               Contact Another Registered User 
               Update Registered Information 
               Configure Personal Shopper 
         Account Information 
               Account Balances & Status 
               Change Email Address 
         Activation Services 
               Confirm New Registration 
               Change E-mail Address 
               Forgot Password or ID 
         User Feedback 
               View/Enter Profile on Users 

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          Operation Policy's   

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