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 Places to go to for "Adding Pictures To Your Online Auctions"

Web~Wise Design Image Hosting 

and their Tutorial For Uploading Pictures or go to our Getting Started With Pictures or our Listing/Storage Section

Use Imagehost For Easy Automatic image uploading to the net

Option Explanations for Managing Your Auctions

Add an Item to the Auction or Classified
Submit a new item to the auction specifying category, price, quantity, starting date and time, length of auction, a description of the item and it is also a good idea to say what the shipping, handling and insurance may cost to eliminate any confussion in the sale.

Relist Auctions and Classifieds
Relist a previously closed auction in the last 30 days. Note that relisted auctions are assigned NEW lot numbers and you will receive an email confirmation.

Quick Relist Of All Auctions or Classifieds
Relist multiple closed auctions in the last 30 days all at once. Note that relisted auctions are assigned NEW lot numbers and you will not recieve an email confirmation(s) with this option.

View Sales Account Balances & Activity /Status
View current charges towards your sales account and the current balance. Amounts owed are automatically withdrawn from your account. Sales Accounts need to have funds available so there are no cancelations, interuptions or delays to your auction sales.

Submit a "Live" Auction
Add an item to the Live auction, specifying category, price, starting date and time, length of auction and enter a description and photo of the item(s). Note: Do not use the multiple quick relist feature with the Live Auctions (doesn't relist them properly), you should use the relist with changes option.

Add Items to Your Private Room
Add an item to your Auction Room, specify price, starting date and time, length of auction and enter a description and photos of the item(s).

Edit A Current Auction or Classified
Edit a currently active or pending auction. Please note that all updates are time and date stamped.

Close an Auction or Classified Early
Choose an auction from a list of your currently active auctions to close early.

List Your Auctions
List all auctions submitted by you and their current status.

Bid History/Bidder List
View the complete bidding history of one of your closed auctions. Shows top bidders and bid amounts.

Item Status
Have the current status(es) of your item(s) sent to your registered e-mail address.

View Your Statistics
View a statistical representation of your activity as a seller at this site! Total lots places, total sold, etc. Very Informative!

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